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Nam-mic Cellcards giving cash back

Abri Krige, Operations Executive of Nam-mic Payment Solutions

The Nam-mic Payment Solutions Cellcard which was launched in April was well received but the biggest challenge of getting Union members to sign up still remains because of work commitments.
750 Union members have signed up for Nam-mic Payment Solutions Cellcards which also serve as Union membership cards in Khomas Region.
According to Abri Krige, Operations Executive of Nam-mic Payment Solutions, this remains the biggest challenge because many members work during the week and on Saturdays which makes it difficult for members to sign up and get issued with their membership cards.
“We try during the week where possible to enrol at willing employers who afford their staff the time to get their cards, or alternatively we are available during the week at Nam-mic House or on Saturdays at NUNW offices in Katutura to enrol all Union Members,” he said in an interview with The Economist this week.
He said that Union members need to be educated on the tangible financial benefits of the Nam-mic CellCard. Adding that those who have received their cash cards are excited to receive cash back end of every month on purchases made.
“In this regard we try and equip the enrolled union members with as much information as possible to get more value from their hard earned income when using the Nam-mic CellCard” he added.
Speaking on the the plans for the future he said that they will soon launch the Cell phone channel as well as for the Nam-mic CellCard to be used on Bank Windhoek’s ATM and Payment Terminals, thereby adding more functionality and benefits to Union Members.
Krige stated that since starting with the enrolment process at this year’s May Day Celebration, they have been busy with presentations at employers, educating over 2000 members on the benefits of receiving their union membership cards.
“Being a platform partner of the Financial Literacy Initiative, we believe that the Nam-mic CellCard product enhances Financial inclusivity in the country by offering a cost affordable payment instrument that gives more value back to the user through lower transactional fees and cash backs on purchases,” he said.
He further said there is excitement especially within the previously marginalised un-banked and under banked employment sectors like domestics, farm workers and security guards to have access to the formal financial sector through their Union Membership Cards that allows them to pay for products and services and have access to financial products that build wealth for them, thereby breaking the cycle of systemic poverty that ravages many of the workers.
Nam-mic CellCard enables members to have access to financial services and cost-effective banking.  Bank of Namibia granted Nam-mic Payment Solutions (Pty) Ltd authority to issue out Nam-mic CellCards, as a payment instrument under the Determination on Issuing of Electronic Money in Namibia in terms of section 4 of the Payment System Management Act No. 18 of 2003 in March this year.

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